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ARM defends its technology

by on23 September 2014

We didn’t nick it from Nvidia

ARM has denied that it nicked any technology from Nvidia.

Nvidia is suing Samsung and Qualcomm for using the technology in its phones and accusing both companies of infringing its property patents on graphics chip technology. Both of them got the technology from ARM.

ARM CEO Simon Segars defended his smartphone graphics technology which Nvidia claims it invented. Segars said that the company stood behind its IP and will “work with its partners” when something like this happened. In otherwords it will help out in any court case.

Nvidia is not suing ARM but it has asked the US International Trade Commission to prevent shipments of Samsung devices containing ARM's Mali or Imagination's PowerVR graphics architectures, as well as Qualcomm's graphics technology. 

It is all a bit ironic because Nvidia depends on ARM's technology to make its Tegra chips which means that the two sides are supposed to be chums. Segars admitted that it did “create a bit of a curious situation… But we do a lot of business with a lot of people.”

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