Cortex X speeds up phone by 30 percent
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High-performance PC SoCs too

Qualcomm introduced Prime core clocked rest from the cluster with Snapdragon 865, and Huawei had two higher clock performance cores in Kirin 990. With that in mind, ARM has introduced the Cortex-X custom program. The result is up to 30 percent peak performance compared to previous generation Cortex A77 cores.

ARM Cortex A78 to power 2021 phones
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20 percent faster 5nm optimized

The next generation of phones mostly expected in early 2021, will come powered by Cortex A78 new core. The new Cortex A78 will improve performance by up to 20 percent in the same power envelope.

ARM offers help to hardware startups
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Free access to its chip portfolio

ARM is hoping to imporove the use of its chips by offering up access to around 75 percent of its chip portfolio for free to qualified startups.

Apple to dump Intel and make its own computer chips
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Bloomberg dusts off another old story

Apple plans to sell Mac computers with its own main processors by next year based on the chip designs currently used in its iPhones and iPads.

Huawei working on an AI GPU
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As Apple settled with Imagination

Huawei, for the most part, relies on ARM IP. It  uses the ARM Cortex CPU and Mali GPU cores for its SoCs. The company has high AI aspirations with its Ascend series of chips. Now recent rumors point out that the Chinese giant is setting up a GPU research center in South Korea and focuses on AI and datacenter.

Ampere creates 80-core ARM 64-bit processor
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Claims it is a first

Ampere has unveiled the industry's first 80-core ARM-based 64-bit server processor today in a bid to outdo Intel and AMD in datacenter chips.

ARM doing rather well
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More demand for its chips in the last quarter 

ARM is telling us that the company shipped a record number of ARM-based chips during the last quarter.

ARM smashes chip record in fourth quarter
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6.4 billion ARM-based chips

ARM smashed its own record for the number of chips circulated to customers worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Analyst predicts Apple will release an ARM-based Mac
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New hells predicted for 2021

The analyst who has made his reputation with Apple predictions has said that Apple will release its first Mac with an ARM processor in the first half of 2021.

Nvidia announces new Orin SoC with Arm Hercules CPU cores and next-gen GPU
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Part of the Drive AGX Oring software-defined AV platform for 2022

Nvidia has unveiled its newest Orin SoC at the GTC China, the one that will be a part of the Nvidia Drive AGX Orin, a highly advanced software-defined platform for autonomous vehicles and robots, and feature ARM Hercules CPU cores as well as Nvidia's next-gen GPU.