ARM will continue to supply Huawei
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They are British tech and not subject to sanctions

ARM will continue to license its chip technology to Huawei after working out that since they are designed in the UK, they are British tech and free from US sanctions.

ARM releases new NPU, GPU and DPU products
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Project Trillium and more

ARM is announcing four new NPU, GPU and DPU products based around its Project Trillium tech.

Surface Pro X is the tweaked Snapdragon 8CX
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Tuned up and rebranded

A Microsoft hardware event revealed the latest Intel, ARM and AMD based products and Surface Pro X based on ARM caught a lot of attentio. To set things straight, the Microsoft SQ1 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8CX.

AMD server win squeezes ARM
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Ampere on life support?

The recent success of AMD’s 7nm 64 core Rome powerhouse is very bad news for ARM's server efforts. Over time, Calxeda and many others failed, and Cavium by Marvell and Ampere don’t seem to be better either. AMD is just jeopardizing last chances for all existing ARM players to make any meaningful footprint on the data center and server market.

Apple A13 has 8.5 billion transistors
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2nd gen 7nm, new architecture

Apple’s new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max come with A13 bionic, the second-generation 7nm process manufactured SoC.

Mate 30 launches on September 19
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Global launch in Munich

Huawei Mate 30 will come earlier than most expected. The company has sent out invitations for a global launch on September 19, just slightly more than two weeks from now.

Nvidia works with Arm on supercomputers
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Accelerator chips will work with Arm processors by the end of the year.

The GPU maker named after a Roman vengeance daemon, Nvidia said it would make its chips work with processors from Arm to build supercomputers.

ARM shows off its new smartphone chips
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In the shops in 2020

ARM has been showing off its new Arm Cortex-A77 CPU core and Mali-G77 graphics part, designed for premium smartphones slated for launch next year.

Lenovo showcases a 5G Snapdragon 8cx PC
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Computex 19: X55 modem inside, pictured

Qualcomm and Lenovo showcased the world’s first 5G PC at Computex. The PC is based on Qualcomm’s 8cx platform and comes with additional 5G connectivity. Lenovo calls this design "Project Limitless", based on world’s first 7nm platform purpose-built for PCs.

ARM severs links with Huawei
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This is all getting alARMing

British based ARM has told its employees that cooperation with Chinese giant Huawei must stop.