Apple loses another chip expert
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It just can’t keep them

While the Tame Apple Press claims that Jobs’ Mob is about to replace Intel as the world’s top chip maker, the fruity cargo cult can’t keep experienced personnel.

What happens to Arm now Nvidia cant buy it?
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IPO on the way

Now that the US Federal Trade Commission has killed off  Nvidia's acquisition of Arm, the question of what happens next for the British chip designer has come up.

Nvidia ARM deal unlikely
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Regulators weigh in

It is now officially less likely that Nvidia will be allowed to get its paws on ARM.

Windows on ARM space hots up
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Qualcomm’s Windows exclusivity about to end

Windows on ARM chips could be a space set to get more competitive.

Microsoft cuts x64 emulation in Windows 10
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Now only possible in Windows 11

Software King of the World Microsoft has confirmed that x64 emulation will no longer be offered in future Windows 10 Insider Preview builds (or release builds).

ARM boss worries about chip supply
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Worst I have ever seen

Arm CEO Simon Segars told the assembled throngs at the Web Summit in Lisbon that the chip-supply crisis was the worst he'd ever seen.

ARM boss warns of Christmas chip crisis
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You have all been on Santa's naughty list

ARM boss Simon Segars warned that Christmas shoppers who have not already bought all their devices may not get them in time.

Nvida ARM buyout faces awkward roadblock
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EU antitrust regulators dog deal

Nvidia’s plan to buy ARM has suffered a major set back after EU antitrust regulators opened a full-scale investigation into the deal.

Nvidia's acquisition of ARM still uncertain
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Analysis: Strong opposition in the UK, EU, and especially China  

It has been 54 weeks since Nvidia announced its ambitions to acquire ARM for approximately $40 billion. We intentionally use the term ambition as things are still far from looking good more than a year later. More and more voices in the industry and regulatory bodies are against it.

AMD ready to make ARM chips
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But only if it has to

AMD's CFO Devinder Kumar has commented that AMD stands ready to manufacture ARM chips if needed.