Windows on Arm is a bit of a downer
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And pricey

Windows on Arm laptops are starting to wake up the market, but the price and technology limitations are keeping everything in the status quo for now.

ARM announces Immortalis GPU today
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Includes ray tracing on mobile

ARM is announcing its new flagship Immortalis GPU today, its first to include hardware-based ray tracing on mobile.

Arm details client roadmap until 2024
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Multi cluster nodes for the future

Arm has organized an in-person event for the willing, senior management, and engineering groups from different CPU and GPU groups with a lot to share.

Keller furious after K12 Project cancelled
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'Stupidly Cancelled'

Zen One, Two, and three chip architect, Jim Keller told a conference that his K12 ARM CPU project was 'Stupidly Cancelled' after he left AMD.

Microsoft Altra-based Azure servers are Arm ready
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First cloud provider to manage it

Microsoft Ampere Altra-based Azure servers are now Arm SystemReady SR certified making them the first cloud solution provider (CSP) server to do so.

ARM finds that Wu not leaving office
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No one expected that

Arm China said on Thursday its former CEO Allen Wu was refusing to relinquish his role despite being fired last week.  It appears he has super glued himself to his drinks cabinet and is refusing to let go.

All Arm-based chips are M1 apparently
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Tame Apple Press loses the plot

This morning a Tame Apple Press report crossed our desk claimed that Qualcomm was daring to make M1 chips to compete against Apple.

Arm wrestles control of Chinese joint venture back
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Wu claims he was wronged 

Arm has regained control of its Chinese joint venture according to Nikkei and Reuters.

ARM declares a special operation to get its China unit back
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Wants to de-Wu its Chinese operation

Arm has moved to regain control of its renegade China unit and replace its chief executive Allen Wu, as the UK chip designer seeks to clear its path to a successful public listing.

Microsoft supports ARM on Azure
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Microsoft has announced a preview of Arm support on Azure virtual machines thanks to its work with Ampere Computing.