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Russians create iCloud hacking tools

by on04 September 2014

But Apple insist you are safe

Fruity cargo cult Apple is hoping that if it denies things long enough its low-tech and naive followers will start to believe that its iCloud is safe as houses.

However PC World has discovered that the iCloud is only about as safe as a Palestinian home on the West Bank as there is a thriving business in Russia for software which can knock over Apple’s cloud.

Anon-IB is full of offers for iCloud “ripping,” or downloading the entire contents of an account and their tool of choice is Moscow-based Elcomsoft’s Phone Password Breaker, or EPPB.

It is one of many and Elcomsoft CEO Vladimir Katalov said there are legitimate uses for his company’s software and he insists it does not exploit flaws in Apple services. We guess Apple just has a feature which allows you to steal pictures of naked celebs.

EPPB comes into play after a victim’s Apple ID and password have been compromised by other means. The software can pull text messages, attachments, call logs, address books, calendars, email account settings, photos and other information in a few minutes.

But it means that a hacker could set up a new device and restore it with the victim’s iCloud data. This is probably the software the hackers use after they have cracked the iCloud passwords. It is still not clear how the hackers have managed to do that. Guessing an Apple ID is tricky, but a password is still a brute force operation.


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