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Chinese go back to piracy

by on27 June 2014

US spying on us anyway

The US obsession with spying on everyone is about to cost its entertainment and software industry. The Chinese have reasoned that since the US government are going to be a bunch of arseholes and spy on it anyway, it might as well allow its industry to run on the fruits of piracy and cyber-crime.

Cooperation between the United States and China on fighting cybercrime has ground to a halt since the recent US indictment of Chinese military officials on hacking charges. The country also appears to have unleashed more hacking attacks against the US. US and Chinese officials had been working together to combat certain types of online crime, including money laundering, child pornography and drug trafficking. Now that has all stopped.

It is expected that China will be making further reprisals against US companies. Chinese state media has slammed Google, Apple, Yahoo, Cisco, Microsoft and Facebook for spying and stealing secrets.

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