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Internet divided over Zavvi

by on12 December 2013

Good, bad or ugly?

The world wide wibble appears to be split over whether or not online retailer Zavvi is behaving like a bastard or not. The outfit has warned customers to whom it accidentally sent a video games console that they could face legal action if they have not arranged the machines' return.

Zavvi mistakenly delivered PlayStation Vitas to shoppers who had ordered a £20 game. However now it is saying that those who do not voluntarily return them will be sued. The majority of customers contacted by the firm have complied with its request after all who wants to be sued over a Vita, but some analysts questioned Zavvi’s handing of it, warning it might damage the brand.

There is also a question about the threat’s legality. Laws in the UK could be read to say that "unsolicited goods" can be treated as unconditional gifts that do not need to be returned, and that it is illegal for the sender to threaten legal action. The Citizens Advice Bureau suggests consumers should indeed return the items because they were sent by mistake.

Comments left by gamers on Eurogamer's discussion forum indicated that many sympathised with Zavvi's request that the consoles be returned. Others thought the outfit were a bunch of scumbags for using the 'law' as a justification for the threatening tone of the letter.

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