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HTC promises Android L for M7, One M8

by on26 June 2014

90 days after Google ships final software

Android L is definitely getting to the latest Nexus devices as well as Google Play Edition tablets and phones. We expect to see it first on the next generation Nexus at launch, followed by older devices like the Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 5. Google Play edition phones as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 Google edition will get it a bit later.

This is not the end of the list as HTC wants to let you know that it plans to update both HTC One M7 from 2013 and HTC One M8 2014 phones with Android L. This should happen within 90 days of receiving final software from Google. HTC US has a dedicated website where you will be able to track a progress or different development cycles that are necessary in order to get a desired android on your phone. HTC devices these phases in evaluation, development, integration, certification and fifth and final step is push to customer. If only the pictures worked on that website.

Android L for HTC M8 and M7 phones is actually in pre evaluation phase. You can see this one as -1 phase that occurs before the evaluation starts. Assuming that early September might be the time to see Android L launching, one can hope that HTC One M8 2014 can get this update before the end of the year. That is our best educated guess for now.

The Android upgrade path is really painful and frustrating process and for some phones including flagship LG G2 it takes a few quarters before they are ready to upgrade their phones to the latest Google Android version. We are talking up to 6 months delay after Google releases its flagship operating system and we don’t even want to mention that it takes ages for vendors to upgrade from Android 4.4.0 to 4.4.2 or god forbid the latest and greatest 4.4.4.

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