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Bono agrees with Fudzilla

by on24 June 2014

Apple is a religious cult

It not often that we find ourselves agreeing with the popular beat combo artist, Bono but it seems we both agree that Apple is a religious cult. Bono, being richer and more famous than us, has that rare ability to say his views while sharing the stage with Jony Ive, something we would love to do, even if security did take our axe away first.

Speaking at the Cannes Advertising Festival with Apple's Jony Ive, U2's front man moaned that Apple was so self-obsessed it was silly. He was at the Cannes Advertising Festival to drum up support for his Red brand, a non-profit created to fight AIDS. Bono made some pointed comments about the Apple Messiah Steve Jobs who he said didn't like the parentheses around the word "Product." He wouldn't allow those parentheses to be seen in Apple stores. 

Bono puts Apple's behavior down to it being "like a religious cult."

Of course the Tame Apple press cannot have that sort of thing and waded into Bono for daring to insult Steve Jobs infront of his disciple Ive.

“It might strike some as odd that a man who wanders around the world offering a fair degree of righteousness, bordering on sanctimoniousness, compares someone else to a religious cult,” spat CNet’s Chris Matyszczyk.

To be fair Bono is an easy target, but in this case, he is absolutely right. And the Pharisaical, humourless and self-righteous hisses from the pews only prove Bono’s point.

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