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LG Odin SoC rumoured to be in production

by on11 April 2014

Too late for LG G3

Rumours of an in-house LG SoC have been circulating for a while. The Odin SoC is said to be a high-end big.LITTLE octa-core design, but there is also talk of a cheaper quad-core version.

Not much is known about the actual spec, but the flagship part is expected to feature four Cortex A15 cores backed by four Cortex A7 cores and Mali-T760 graphics. TSMC is supposed to manufacture the chip, or chips in 28nm. However, the Odin parts will not be ready in time for the LG G3, which is apparently based on a quad-core Snapdragon part from Qualcomm. According to ET News, the LG G3 will not feature in-house parts at all. 

LG’s Odin sounds quite a bit like Samsung’s latest Exynos 5 parts, but like Samsung LG apparently won’t use it in its flagship phone. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is powered by a Qualcomm chip, too. However, there is also an Exynos version. The only problem is that the Exynos version simply won’t come to major markets. At this point it is starting to look like the Exynos based Galaxy S5 will only appear in South Korea and maybe a few regional markets, but not in the US or EU.

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