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Microsoft sent out the wrong Surface Pro 2 tablets

by on25 March 2014

Lower spec than advertised

Software giant Microsoft is in hotwater after it sent out Surface Pro 2 tablets with the wrong chip. According to Wind8Apps Microsoft quietly upgraded the Surface Pro 2 1.6GHz Core i5-4200U processor with the more powerful 1.9GHz Core i5-4300U one.

The new chip could do lots of sexy stuff, there was a 20 percent higher clock speed and 15 percent to 20 percent better overclocked or Turbo speed. It seems that now Microsoft is supplying Surface Pro 2 tablets with older processors, despite the fact it had promised customers that the new version will get shipped. Since it never announced the new chip, it hoped no one would notice.

However, one buyer did read the tech press and rang Microsoft in early January to be sure that the tablet would ship with the upgraded chip. Having been assured that it was indeed the i5-4300 and no longer the i5-4200 processor, she ordered a Surface Pro 2 128GB.

Needless to say she got an older model and Microsoft was not being quick to fix the problem. The customer claimed she had been told that Microsoft had received “multiple complaints throughout the previous week that customers were receiving i5-4200 instead of i5-4300 processors“.

On the Microsoft Store, Redmond saying that the Surface Pro 2?s CPU as a “4th generation Intel Core i5 Processor” so is not actually saying what number it is putting under the bonnet. However it seems that Microsoft is just trying to clear the stock and this explains why the switch to a faster processor has been kept silent. It might have gotten away with it, had its customers not been so well informed.

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