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Alleged GTX 750 Ti Maxwell performance shows up

by on20 January 2014

Slower than Kepler based GTX 660

The upcoming Maxwell-based GTX 750 Ti is rumored to be coming in February and now we have some of the first alleged performance numbers coming from the Expected to be positioned between the GTX 660 and the GTX 760, it appears that the upcoming GTX 750 Ti might actualy end up slower than the GTX 660 and fit in-between the GTX 650 Ti Boost and the GTX 660.

While these performance numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, considering that they done with early version of the driver, the fact that the GTX 750 Ti ends up anywhere between 10 to 15 percent slower in Futuremark's 3DMark, Unigine Valley and Final Fantasy XIV games, definitely does not sound good.

Of course, we are still missing precise specifications as well as more details regarding the GTX 750 Ti and we will hopefully see more as we draw closer to the rumored February launch date.

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Last modified on 21 January 2014
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