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Moto X drops to just $399

by on02 January 2014

We’re starting to like Googlerola

Motorola has slashed the off-contract price of the Moto X 16GB to a very competitive $399. Unlike earlier cuts, this one is permanent, the X will cost $399 moving forward. Developer Edition phones are now priced at $449.

This is a very attractive price, roughly on a par with the Nexus 5, although the phones have a very different spec. The Nexus 5 has a higher resolution screen and a faster processor, but the Moto X is just a tad more playful than the Nexus and it is quite a bit smaller which is a good thing. Android flagships are getting too big nowadays.

In other news the Moto G is hitting the market and it’s just $100 off-contract at Verizon. Although we love high-end silicon, we also love the Moto G. It is hands down the best bang for buck Android phone from a big brand vendor.


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