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This message smells of bacon

by on29 October 2013

Non-kosher smells coming from smartphone

For those who definitely want to make their iPhones non-kosher, there is a new smartphone plug-in accessory which can release a puff of bacon smell into the air.

The gadget attaches to headphone socket on both iPhones and Android smartphones and, when told to by the companion app, releases a burst of fragrance, paired with a customizable LED light. You don’t have to have bacon, the gadget releases the smell of strawberry or coffee, but it is hard to see who can pass up bacon.

Dubbed "Scentee" it also has a timer that can release the fragrance of your choice however often you want to smell it. The scent capsules are good for around 100 uses and cost $5. The cost of buying shedloads of bacon because you feel hungry is not included.

Our bet is that it is only a matter of time before someone decides to sue because the device will lead to weight gain, high cholesterol, heart attack in its users.

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