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GTA 5 street date appears to have been broken

by on16 September 2013

Game on sale in the UK and France say sources

After Rockstar did pretty much everything possible to make sure that copies of Grand Theft Auto V would not be released prior to the release date, we have now been hear word that customers in the UK received copies from none other than four days prior to the release date.

If that isn’t bad enough sources claim that a number of retailers have been selling the game in Europe. A French retailer was apparently advertising the fact that he had copies for sale on their Facebook page of all things. Reports from other sources have suggested that the game is already available all over Spain in a large number of stores.

Rockstar has released a statement saying that they are investigating early sales of the game and retailers that have broken the street date for GTA 5 in an effort to determine how and why this is happing. Rockstar had very strict rules and a process in place for the release of GTA 5, but it is unknown if Rockstar does in fact figure out what happened they might do.

Rumors of copies being sold in North America ahead of the release continue, but so far we have not been able to confirm this as accurate from our sources.

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