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Crackdown isn’t dead, claims Microsoft

by on27 June 2013

Tease during Xbox One reveal was deliberate

According to Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer, the tease of Crackdown seen during the Xbox One reveal was, in fact, deliberate. Crackdown isn’t dead at all.

While Spencer has not given away any specifics, it is clear that the company intends to do something with the first party title. While Ruffian Games handled the last installment of Crackdown, there is no reason to think that Microsoft might select another studio to work on a new chapter in the Crackdown franchise this time around.

Our sources are telling us that something might be in the works, but it might be a while before we hear specifics. Microsoft has already revealed a number of games for the Xbox One, and this could be one that it is saving for the next round of new game announcements.

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