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Intel needs more respect

by on25 June 2013

Intel boss Srinivasan wants increased production

Intel India Boss Kumud Srinivasan does not think that Intel gets nearly enough respect. In an interview with the Times of India she said that one of her goals was for the outfit to be an organisation that is more respected and productive.

She said that people needed to see Intel as having operations which are best in class and have an engineering muscle whose works are highly repeatable locally and globally and improve market delivery on potential. While this sounds good it appears that Srinivasan might be headed into a storm which is not going to get Intel much respect at all.

The Indian Fair trade regulator Competition Commission has completed its investigations into global chip maker Intel's alleged abuse of dominant position in the Indian market. The Commission has submitted a "voluminous" report into Intel’s Indian doings to the regulator. So far it is not clear what recommendations the commission has but word on the street suggests that it is not going to create he sort of respect that Srinivasan is seeking.

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