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Qantas decides to insult its customers with toolbar

by on21 June 2013

As if it did not have enough trouble

Troubled airline Qantas has decided to anger its ever dropping numbers of customers with an annoying toolbar.

Qantas wants frequent flyers to install a toolbar on their web browser that records their internet searches and web browsing activity for "marketing targeted and relevant products, services and offers". To be fair it is copying a rival Flybuys, which launched a similar toolbar in November. But Flybuys' policy states it does not collect search data about its users.

In return for surrendering personal search data, which Qantas will tie to its customers' frequent flyer membership, it plans to award users up to 150 Qantas frequent flyer points a month. While this sounds good, in return for all your private data, it would take you 35 years to earn the 64,000 points required to fly from Sydney to London.

Under the Qantas scheme, users are required to conduct at least 150 "valid" web searches a month to get their maximum 150 points.

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