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GTX 780 available in US stores

by on24 May 2013

EU, UK e-tailers as well

The GTX 780, a trimmed down version of the Geforce Titan, is out and we wrote that almost a dozen partners are launching the cards.

We are testing some of them for your convenience as we speak and the first impressions are positive. As you can imagine, overclocked cards are on the way as well, so there will be some news about them as well.

It turns out that GTX 780 cards are available at least at press time in the US. Newegg and Tigerdirect have them in stock. Cards from EVGA, Galaxy, MSI, Asus, PNY, Gigabyte and Zotac are available and they all range close to $649.99 plus a few bucks for shipping. Some of them are up to $10 more expensive, which is not that much of a difference. You can find them listed here and here.

The situation is also good in the EU and UK, we have managed to find a few cards listed. Alternate has these cards around €650 with VAT here and cards such as Gainward GTX 780, EVGA, Palit, Gigabyte and Zotac are selling today at this price. 

While the UK version starts from £569.99 inc VAT and some cards such as KFA2 GeForce GTX 780 3072MB PCI-Express Graphics Car are in the stock here. Gainward also sells its cards for £569.99 inc VAT and it is listed for pre-order item. Most of the others are listed as pre-order items and will sell for £599.99 including VTA.

Overall, the cards were expected to land a bit cheaper, but obviously Nvidia told its partners that they can try and make a bit more money to make up for the losses with slow graphics card sales. The overclocked cards as you can imagine will cost even more across the globe.

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