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First Tegra 4 phone is ZTE

by on21 February 2013

Coming before June 30

ZTE is apparently the first phone manufacturer to embrace Nvidia’s new Tegra 4. We are talking about Tegra 4, not the Grey powered Tegra 4i, but at this time ZTE didn’t really tell us much about the specs.

We don’t know the size or resolution of the screen, battery size and many other relevant details, but we do know that the phone has a Tegra 4 chip with 72GPU cores and four plus one Core A15 cores. ZTE didn’t really talked a lot about the camera capabilities of the chip and features like HDR always on or HDR video, but the company probably didn’t want to tell that much before its official announcement.

There will be a version with an i500 LTE modem on board, but this will be market specific as not everyone in the world cares about LTE, and in this case LTE adds a bit of cost.

ZTE had quite a lot of success with its $160 the Grand Era super phone based on Tegra 3, since it was priced right for the Chinese market. It is sad that the rest of the world hasn’t realized the potential of emerging markets, as they also want in on the smartphone revolution. We can think of a few relatively large countries in Europe, as well as the Americas that are ready and able to gobble up cheap smartphones.

Back to the Tegra 4 ZTE phone. We don’t know any relevant details and one can only hope that ZTE plans to ship it globally. There will probably be more details and specs at the Mobile World Congress that starts on Monday the February 25th in Barcelona.

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