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ECS releases Haswell motherboard specs

by on26 November 2012

Golden LGA1150

A list of ECS Elitegroup's future Haswell-based motherboards has appeared on the world wide web.

These motherboards have an LGA1150 socket and will replace the current LGA 1155 chips. ECS has revealed the names of its Socket 1150 motherboards. The list includes the catchy titled Z87H3-AX Extreme and the Z87H3-AX Golden, which contain several components made of gold. It looks like they are nased on Intel's Z87 chipset, the successor to the  Z77.

Another model on ECS' list is the H87H3-M4, a micro-ATX board for those who do not need to hammer their boards much. So far that is all ECS is telling the world,  but with Haswell chips in the shops next year, so we are expecting a few boards, and details to be announced soon.

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