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iPhone 5 is malware trap

by on14 September 2012

Pirates gear up their latest schemes

Insecurity outfit McAfee is warning that the launch of the iPhone 5 will bring another wave of malware ridden spam.

Because spammers assume that everyone will be dumb enough to actually want an iPhone 5 they create lots of poisoned websites and spam based around giving you a free one. Normally we think that anyone who wants a free iPhone which has been made using kids press ganged from Chinese schools in dubious “work experience” deals, deserve all the karma and viruses they get. However since there is a risk that the malware they get might actually spread and end up sending other people spam we feel oblidged to pass on McAfee's warning.

Gary Davis, VP, Global Consumer Marketing, warns in his latest blog post that fraudsters will be using the latest iPhone event to send out phishing scams and e-mails with infected links to unsuspecting customers: 

He said that when ever there is a major event it queues up the bad guys to take advantage of all the excitement. Fortunately for the rest of humanity, the launch of the iPhone 5 was a big yawn and there was no excitement at all. In fact the new phone is so much like the old one no-one can tell the difference, as the video after the break illustrates.

Anyway McAfee is warning people to be careful about discounted iPhone 5 deals and particularly those offering free ones. Everyone knows that an iPhone is supposed to cost you the shirt of your back, so people should be wary of people saying otherwise.

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