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iPhone home button fails

by on20 August 2012

Superior design

Apple's home button is proving to be an Achilles heel as it seems that it has been designed to break after the warranty runs out.

Apple fanboys have been shocked to discover that the iPhone home button is starting to break after only a year of use. This might be the reason why Apple has been doing its best to avoid the European Warranty laws which demands that its expensive gadgets last two years. 

The problem appears to be that after a while you need to push the button into your palm to get it to work. It seems that Apple is hoping that those people who are out of warranty might want to buy the iPhone5. If it is then they are operating under their reality distortion field.

There is nothing to suggest that the problem will be fixed with the iPhone 5, simply that users are buying a new phone which will also go on the fritz after a year. Indeed the myth that there are people waiting for an iPhone 5 at all. Interest in the iPhone4S died three months early in the product cycle while interest in the Samsung III picked up.

This suggests that many Apple users gave up on the phone and jumped to the competition. This means for the iPhone 5 to get any levels of interest it should be superior to the next Samsung phone that comes out, and have a button which does not break.

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