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Nvidia's entry-level GPU rebranding officially starts

by on15 May 2012


The GT 610, GT 620 and GT 630 are here

It appears that today is officially the day when Nvidia gave a green light to its partners to rebrand entry-level GPUs. We already wrote about this back when Nvidia silently rebranded some of its OEM-only cards, but as of today GT 610, GT 620 and GT 630 are going to hit retail/e-tail with shiny new boxes.

According to our info and actual specs listed at Nvidia's website, the cheapest GT 610 is actually a rebranded GT 520 GPU based on the GF119 GPU with 49 CUDA cores. The clocks have been tweaked a bit and now the GPU is clocked at 810MHz. It will feature 1GB of DDR3 memory clocked at 1.8GHz and paired up with a 64-bit memory interface.

Next in line are the GT 620 and GT 630, both based on quite well known GF108 GPU with 96 CUDA cores. These cards are simply GT 430 and GT 440 thrown into a shiny new box. It will of course depend on what kind of SKU did partners went with back when they launched GT 430/440 graphics cards but it is pretty much the same GF108 GPU that can be paired up with either DDR3 or GDDR5 memory, depending on the SKU.

Some partners will go with the GT 620 graphics card that will work at 700MHz for the GPU and 1400MHz for 1GB of DDR3 memory paired up with a 128-bit memory interface. The GT 630 will be pretty much the same except for higher 810MHz GPU clock and higher 1600MHz memory clock for the same 1GB of DDR3 memory.

As noted earlier, the rebranding does not come as a surprise considering that the entry-level GPU market is simply obsolete due to quite decent figures from latest integrated graphics solutions and AMD's own APUs.

Some of the rebranded and reboxed graphics cards have already been listed across the Europe and you can expect prices similar to those seen with GT 520, GT 430 and GT 440, or around €40 to €60. You can check out Nvidia product page here


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