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Intel’s first 22nm dual core desktop in May

by on30 January 2012

Starts with Core i5 3470T, 35W

It is not all so bright and shiny with the Ivy Bridge launch. We already told you that it all starts with quad-core CPUs for both mobile and desktop and you can get some more details here (mobile) or here (desktop).

We expected to see a few desktop dual-cores launch between May 6 and May 12 but according to the current plan, Intel plans to launch only one CPU branded Core i5 3470T. This is a dual-core with four threads CPU clocked at 2.9GHz and with Turbo it can hit 3.6GHz. This newcomer has impressive TDP of only 35W.

The graphics core runs at 650MHz and it can turbo to 1.1GHz. The chip supports DDR3 13333 to DDR3 1600. It has 3MB of cache and just as any other Ivy Bridge, Core i 3000 series CPU it fits in Socket 1155 or Socket H2 motherboards.

Intel also plans to launch Q77 and Q75 chipsets alongside this new CPU and as we said before, Intel Z77, Z75, H77, B75 Express chipsets are launching in April.

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