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AMD's new FX-Series CPUs up for pre-order

by on03 February 2012

amd FXSeries

FX-4170, FX-6200 and FX-8150 LCS (WOX)

AMD is apparently preparing a refresh to its line of FX-series dekstop CPUs including quad-core FX-4170, six-core FX-6200 and already available eight-core FX-8150 that will now be bundled with liquid cooling. scored these pre-order prices and first in line is the FX-4170, a quad-core ticking at 4.2GHz with 4.3GHz Turbo, 8MB of L3 cachce and a 125W TDP. This one has showed up in the USA with a pre-order price set at US $143.77, while in Europe, the pre-order price is set at around €170 (£100 ex. VAT in the UK).

The six-core FX-6200 ticks at lower 3.8GHz with a Turbo set at 4.1GHz and packs same 8MB of L3 cache and the same 125W TDP. The pre-order price of this one in the USA is set at US $188.48 while in Europe it is currently listed at around £130-ish but only in the UK. We expect it to show up in the rest of the Europe with a price set at around €200.

The last but not the least is a new bundle for the already available FX-8150 eight-core CPU. In case you missed it, this one ticks at 3.6GHz with 4.1GHz Turbo, has 8MB of L3 cache and the same 125W TDP. The bundle is listed under FD8150FRGUWOX part number and in Europe it is simply called FX-8150 LCS. In the USA, this bundle is listed at US $398.29, while in Europe, it starts at £264.62 ex. VAT in the UK and all the way up to around €450 on For comparison sake, the same CPU, in "boxed" (air-cooled) state, is currently listed at around €226,42 in Germany.

You can check out the original CPU-World post here and you can find those European listings here.


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