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Nvidia shipping Kepler to notebook manufacturers

by on27 January 2012



We have confirmed that Nvidia has started full production of Kepler notebook parts, something that can represent the mainstream part of the market and below. Manufactures are getting the chips as we speak.

The first massive batch is expected shortly after Chinese New Year, so let’s say mid-February and after that time most Nvidia Kepler early adopters and Ivy Bridge machine supports will start making its products based on new 22nm CPUs and 28nm Nvidia graphics. Of course, Optimus is a key feature that got Nvidia that so much traction. It doesn’t cost almost any battery life, unless you play a game or you need your GPU to take some heavy load and give you some better frame rates.

The launch date for both Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs as well as Kepler mobile parts is the first or second week of April, with April 8th being the date we’ve heard.

Execs from Nvidia's notebook division have already told us that they expect more design wins with Ivy Bridge than with Sandy Bridge generation, and we even heard that more than 300 designs might be the magic number.

Nvidia wants to focus on mobile market first, as Ivy Bridge makes a big milestone in notebook industry and the fact that Nvidia can get even to ultrabooks with Kepler, speaks for itself.

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