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CoolIT shows water-cooled Skulltrail

by on12 March 2008


Available soon


During CeBIT, we took some time to drop by CoolIT and we were pleasantly surprised to see that CoolIT has showcased a completely water-cooled Skulltrail system.

This is still a prototype but it should be available pretty soon. We couldn't get good pictures since the entire system is tightly packed and covered, so the shot of both CPUs and Northbridge water blocks is the best that we could do. It looks great and it should keep the Skulltrail temps at bay. You can pair this one with CoolIT's dual drive bay VGA cooler and make a great water-cooled system.

Price and the availability date are still unknown, but we did manage to find out that CoolIT is working hard to get this one out so we probably won't wait too long for this to hit retail. People that will spend their money on a Skulltrail system can probably afford such a cooling system. Anyway, this is how it looks and we will post more info as soon as we get it.


Last modified on 13 March 2008
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