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Call of Duty continues to make people misbehave

by on11 November 2011

Robbery, Assault and Battery

The new Call of Duty game appears to be inspiring Americans to behave rather badly.

Yesterday we heard how a bloke threatened to blow up a shop after his pre-ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was not available. Now it seems that a Kansas City man found himself staring down the barrel of a real gun as he arrived home with a copy of the video game.

David Morales, 18, (No relation to the DJ) thought that the line outside the store was too long and tried to steal another gamer's copy at gunpoint, the Kansas City Star reported today. He followed Adam Freeman home and pulled a gun on him and demanded he hand the game over.

However Freeman thought that owning the game was worth risking his life and grabbed the barrel of the loaded weapon. Morales had a a sudden attack of “perspective” and fled. Coppers investigating the case popped around to the store wanting its CCTV footage to see who followed Freedman. They were amazed to find Morales inside, waiting to buy a copy.

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