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Bans & stat-wipes handed out to BF3 cheaters

by on14 November 2011

Hundreds of offenders have been dealt with

Those using booting or other exploits, or just plain cheating for that matter, might have been banned or had their stats wiped over the weekend, as Electronic Arts and DICE deal with cheaters. It will not be the last time, either, as rumors suggest that more bans and stat-wipes are in the works for those who refuse to play by the rules.

The bans and stat-wipes were confirmed via EA in a tweet. The cheating offenses included taking advantage of a glitch, whereby you could rack up tens of thousands of points per game by misusing the repair tool, for example. This is a clear exploit and is prohibited by the usage agreement of the game.

Again, EA and DICE have stated their policy to be a “zero tolerance” policy with those who cheat, and say they will act again on cheaters. The company is “…determined to punish those players who play without integrity.” The company remains committed to dealing with cheaters and banning them if necessary when they are made aware of the situation. A patch to fix these known glitches is in the pipeline, but no release date was announced.

Last modified on 14 November 2011
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