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Assange decision today

by on02 November 2011

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Does he stay or does he go

A London court will decide on whether it should extradite Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange to Sweden where he will face questioning on two charges of rape and sexual assault.

Assange, who angered the government by publishing thousands of secret diplomatic memos, is wanted in Sweden over allegations of rape and sexual assault made by two former female volunteers for his WikiLeaks organization. A British judge approved the Swedish request for the computer expert's extradition in February, but Assange appealed against that decision.

His briefs claim that the Swedish demand is legally flawed and, in any event, the sex was consensual. Assange claims that it is all a CIA plot to discredit him.

London's High Court is due to hand down its ruling on Wednesday morning. If it backs extradition, then Assange, who was arrested almost 11 months ago, will have two weeks in which to lodge another appeal.

Appeals to the British Supreme Court, can be done only on a point of law considered to be of general public interest and frankly Assange's sex life is nothing to write home about.

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