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Galaxy Nexus 16GB listed in Europe

by on24 October 2011

€599 to €699, ouch

Google’s new flagship Galaxy Nexus is expected to hit retail sometime next month, but some European retailers are already listing it and the prices are, well, quite steep.

Depending on retailer, contract free prices range from €599 to €699 in Germany, Austria and Poland. Of course, carriers will probably subsidize the phone and offer it at somewhat lower prices with 1-year or 2-year contracts, but even so, it will still be the priciest Android handsets on the market.

However, at €599 the new Nexus will end up about €100 cheaper than the entry level iPhone 4S 16GB and in terms of Android phones only Samsung’s 5-inch Note comes close, at €560.

There are still no prices for the 32GB version and at this point it’s anyone’s guess what the final cost of the 16GB version will be, but most retailers are listing it for about €660, which would buy you the old Nexus S and an Android tablet with money to spare.

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