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Jesus appeared in my Nintendo console

by on29 September 2011

Told me he hated Steve Jobs
A US woman is getting her 15 minutes of fame after he Nintendo console appeared to carry a ghostly image of a bearded bloke in a robe.

Now in other nations an image of a bearded bloke in a robe could be anyone, including the Beatles or Che Guevara but to Brittany Wampler of Maryland it could only be Jesus. Apparently the son of man, who has been supposed to be returning for the last two thousand years is actually kicking his heels appearing on people's NES consoles. Well at least that way you do not have to worry about being nailed up again.

She bought the console from an ebay seller and the image appears to be part of the plastic. It is a miracle apparently. We would have thought it more interesting if Jesus said something useful like “Steve Jobs is the anti-Christ”.

Brittany says she is not religious but believes in the possibility of a god. Quite why the almighty would stalk her games console she did not say.

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