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Acer ultrabooks to cost over $1,000

by on27 July 2011

Second vendor to miss Intel price targets
A couple of days back Asus announced that it will be unable to meet Intel’s projected $1,000 price point with its upcoming netbooks.

Today Acer apparently joined the club and according to fresh reports the outfit won’t manage to hit the price point, either. Notebookitalia claims Acer’s upcoming ultrabooks will cost north of $1,000, mainly due to high production costs.

Notebook vendors will have to use some pricey and clever technology in ultrabook designs, including ultrathin panels, solid state drives and high density lithium-polymer batteries. This drives the production costs sky high and limits their margins. Intel has been keen to promote the ultrabook platform by offering incentives and subsidies, but it seems the psychological sub-$1,000 price target was a bit too optimistic.

Of course, there is still a chance some vendors, mainly HP, might be able to meet the target, but things do not appear to be moving smoothly. Intel believes ultrabooks could be the new Centrino, but there is also a chance they could be flop like the CULV platform.

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