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Lodsys asks for more time to answer Apple

by on22 June 2011

But keeps sending out letters to developers
Patent troll Lodsys has begged the court for more time to answer Apple's legal defence of developers that are being sued by the outfit. Apple paid Lodsys for a licence for its software, only to find that the outfit had started suing developers who wrote code using Apple's developer kits.

Lodsys has asked the court for two more months to answer Apple's motion to intervene. However in the meantime it is hitting more developers, including a bunch of Android app writers.

Analyst Florian Mueller has warned that Apple appears to have fallen into Lodsys's trap. While it is delayed from involving itself in the case, developers will continue to be sued and will probably settle rather than wait.

It's possible that part of the reason for Lodsys requesting this additional time is that they're secretly negotiating with Apple and Google to get more money to go away.

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