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Arm will kiss my ring says Intel

by on07 June 2011

It is all about respect
Godfather of the chipmarket Intel has said that it was time that Arm and Intel started to show some respect to each other. Intel knows that it is feared in the market place and has several businesses all sewn up, but Intel’s Mooly Eden thinks that it is time for the end to the vendetta between Arm and Chipzilla.

Muttering at Computex last week, Eden said that it is all about respect. They have to respect us, we have to respect them. No one shows respect these days, and someone ends up with a horse's head in their bed.

ARM's made its bones in the mobile market and this deserves some respect, Eden said. But Chipzilla still on top of that market and it has seen other outfits come and go, some of them feet first.

Many companies claimed they could take a piece of Intel and they have always been respected, right up until they ended up in the river of obscurity with the cement shoes of failure. He expects Arm to go into the notebook space and meanwhile Chipzilla will try to go into the smartphone space.

He said that he respected Arm and he expected them to respect him. If they are not respecting Intel now, then they will soon, he said ominously.

We guess he is referring to Moorestown which Chipzilla has earmarked for the same low-power market that AMD has made its territory. It is only a matter of time before someone is made an offer that someone can't refuse.

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