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Asus' Padfone breaks cover

by on30 May 2011

Looks pretty good

Asus' upcoming pride and joy of the tablet/mobile lineup has shown its face ahead of the scheduled Computex official announcement, and it appears to be exactly what some rumoures suggested earlier. Namely, an Android based smartphone that docks into a larger tablet based device, or simply the Asus Padfone.

The specs are unfortunately still unknown but what we do know is that we are looking at a 4.3-inch smartphone that can be docked into what appears to be a 10.1-inch slate. The "tablet dock", as we can easily call it, will feature an extended battery for the smartphone, a front-facing camera and a bunch of ports that should give that smartphone a true tablet experience. The back camera is actually a smartphone one while the WiFi and 3G connectivity will most like be borrowed from the smartphone as well.

The entire concept looks pretty good and it has taken the Asus Transformer design a notch further as it combines a smartphone with a tablet/screen dock. After all, some of the current high-end smartphones are pretty much equal to the tablets that you can actually buy.

Asus didn't reveal any official details regarding the actual date, price or the precise specs but has said that it isn't some showcase concept but rather a device that will show hit retail sooner or later. Engadget managed to score some unofficial details claiming that the device is planned for launch sometimes around Christmas and that it might actually run on Google's Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS.

You can check out the hands-on over at





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