Return of the smartphone
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Qualcomm results surprise Wall Street

Qualcomm has reported fiscal second-quarter earnings that exceeded the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street's expectations, accompanied by a robust forecast for the upcoming quarter.

Tablets are dying (again)
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Took longer than we expected 

The tablet is about to follow its number one promoter Steve Jobs into his unmarked grave, according to beancounters at IDC.

Satellite call managed on ordinary smartphone
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Unmodified Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone reaches for the skies

Satellite manufacturer AST SpaceMobile partnered with AT&T to make the first two-way audio call using satellites with a standard smartphone.

Father of the smartphone says they will be part of us soon
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That will finish Apple

The bloke who invented the smartphone says that soon the technology will be integrated into our bodies.

Call for smartphone repair apprenticeship
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Take the control away from big tech

A UK outfit that fixes smartphones is calling for an official device repair apprenticeship.

Smartphone sales disaster
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Qualcomm warns 

Sales of smartphones are going to be dire for a couple of years according to chipmaker Qualcomm -- which has made a bob or two on the tech over the years.

EU forces smartphone makers to use user-replacable batteries
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Will give manufacturers three and a half years to stop messing us all about 

The EU has reached a provisional agreement that will require that portable devices have user-replaceable batteries.

Smartphones are toxic waste dumps for pets
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They really hate you

A new study has labeled smartphones as packed full of nasty biological toxins that could probably kill an robust and healthy hippo. 

Microsoft offers password-free smartphone authentication
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Azure Active Director certificate-based authentication 

Software king of the world Microsoft is now offering a public preview of Azure AD CBA on devices running Apple's iOS and Android that uses certificates on Yubico's YubiKey hardware security key.

Smartphone prices falling
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Bad news for Apple 

Global smartphone shipments for calendar Q3 falling to their lowest quarterly rate in eight years, which is bad news for companies who have touted expensive flagship models.