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Brink ships with bugs

by on17 May 2011

Not Bethesda's year
Splash Damage's new FPS Brink PC game has shipped with a bug which gives it a choppy framerates.

It was thought to be a bug exclusive to AMD graphics cards, but it seems that many NVIDIA users are reporting the same bug. Some of them are tearing their hair and stamping on their rabbits after getting sub-20 fps framerates after spending a fortune on high-end Core i7 and GTX 590 SLI configurations.

AMD users think they have fixed the problem with a driver rollback to Catalyst 10.10, while others recommend upgrading to the latest Catalyst 11.5 drivers and applying the 11.5a hotfix. Others say that the fix still gives a framerate which lingers below 30 no matter if the resolution and detail settings are high or low. AMD also has a fix that blames the problems on shadows, and recommends turning them off with a console command.

The game has disappeared from the Steam UK store which has sparked an inquest from the distributor Bethesda. It is the second time Bethesda has had a buggy games release. It is possible it is pushing its developers to meet unrealistic release schedules.

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