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Intel's SSD lineup revealed

by on28 April 2011

Full lineup for 2011
Leaked Intel's SSD roadmap shows that the 510 and 320 series will not be alone on the market as Intel plans to roll out quite a few SSDs during 2011, including the long awaited Lyndonville drives as well as the Ramsdale and Larsen Creek in Q3 and a new refresh for 500 and 300 series in Q4.

The Lyndonville 710 SSDs, the replacement for the X25-E, will be introduced later this quarter and will be available in 100, 200 and 400GB capacities. These drives will feature SATA 3Gbps interface and will use 25nm MLC HET chips, all packed in a 2.5-inch case. The 700 series will also be updated in Q3 by Ramsdale 720 SSD available in 200 and 400GB capacities with 34nm SLC chips and PCIe 6Gbps interface.

The Q3 also brings update to value part of the Intel's SSD lineup via 3xx Larsen Creek drives that will have 20GB of capacity, have 34nm SLC chips, and will be available with either SATA or mSATA 3Gbps interface.

The fourth quarter will also be quite interesting as it brings an update for entry-level with Paint Creek that will be available in 40 and 80GB capacities and will use 25nm MLC chips in combination with the mSATA 3Gbps interface. The same quarter also brings updated 500 series drives, and these 520 Cherryville drives will be available in 64, 120, 240 and 480GB capacities. They will use 25nm MLC chips and will feature a SATA 6Gbps interface.

According to this slide, Intel will push pretty hard into SSD market and we honestly hope that this competition will bring the those prices down.

You can find more details as well as the slide here.

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