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Cedarview M Atom 2011 to be 2X cheaper

by on23 March 2011

Top netbook one costs $47
Currently dual core Atom N570 and N550 are selling for saucy $86 and despite the 166MHz they both have the same price. Just to refresh your memory Atom N570 works at 1.66GHz and has two cores and four threads while Atom N450 works at 1.5GHz and shares the rest of the spec.

A new Atom, codenamed Cedarview-M has two SKUs both dual core and the faster one has 6.5W TDP and needs a fan and the slower dual core with two threads is 3.5W TDP, slower clocked and doesn’t need a fan.

The best thing is that the faster one is planned to sell for $47 and slower one for $42 which is close or over 100 percent cheaper than the current $86 price. These prices are much better than today’s single core as the cheapest N450 and N455 both clocked at 1.66MHz sell for at least $64 for 1000 CPUs.

Since a new Atom has a faster and better graphics core and supports wireless display, it will be a nice refresh in Atom netbook family but even with $42 price, Intel is close to two times more expensive than Apple’s A5 chip and two to two and a half times more expensive than Nvidia Tegra 2 chip.
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