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Nvidia goes Honeycomb crazy

by on14 February 2011

MWC 2011: Tegra sales are good VP claims
We had a chance to see Nvidia's VP of product marketing Ujesh Desai who gave us a personal tour of Nvidia's booth. He even showed us Honeycomb first hand, just after he hooked us up with a pretty good cup of coffee.

We must note that Honeycomb on Motorola's Xoom looks very nice, much better than Samsung Galaxy S or Toshiba Folio 100 running Android 2.2. The interface integrates some 3D functionality and it looks nice. It runs quite smoothly on Motorola Xoom powered with Tegra 2 and a separate source just confirmed us that the 3D part of interface only uses CPU, no GPU use at this time. Tegra 2 is nice for playing games and we even saw an Xbox 360 game modded to run on Motorola Xoom, and it ran quite well actually.

Nvidia did not comment on the Honeycomb launch schedule, but Ujesh did tell us that sales of Tegra 2 and the amount of design wins are great. Dell, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Motorola and LG are among the mentioned ones, and we even saw some them in a live demo at Nvidia's booth. We even saw a two-camera LG tablet on the show floor, more to come later.

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