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AMD fanboys like Intel bug

by on10 February 2011

AMD does too

Since Intel is still coping with its Sandy Bridge bug and AMD is quite happy with the announcement of shipping over a million of its APUs, it was just a matter of time before someone makes a rather intriguing video regarding the Sandy Bridge.

We happen to stumble upon a rather funny and interesting Youtube video which compares the Tacoma Bridge disaster to, as you would have guessed, Sandy bridge disaster. We already wrote that AMD didn't hide that it was happy with the way things are right now and that customers are now turning to AMD as a result of Intel's Sandy Bridge SATA bug.

To be fair, we don't think that Sandy Bridge bug is that much of a deal, especially considering that a big part of notebook platforms will be back on the market quite quickly as two SATA 6Gbps ports are fully functional.

Of course, no matter how small or big the bug is, it always has an impact on the market and that's something that everyone is aware of. It is quite interesting to see how far the fanboys are willing to go and how creative do they become when such things happen. Of course, to be fair, we are not sure if a fanboy is behind this video but it certainly seems so.

You can check out the video

Last modified on 10 February 2011
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