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AMD shipped a million Fusion APUs

by on09 February 2011

In December alone
AMD has apparently managed to ship a million Fusion APUs in December 2010, ahead of the product launch.

This is no small feat considering the launch timeline, as the first products started trickling to the market in the second half of January. It is also worth noting that several weeks ago Fudo learned that Fusion parts will be in short supply due to high demand.

According to Techeye's Mike Magee, sources close to AMD confirmed the figures at the Distree XXL conference in Monaco. They argued that AMD's Brazos APU is relatively cheap and allows distributors a 10 percent margin at a unit cost of about $100. In addition, the APU is more than a match for Intel's Atom platform.

However, distributors fear that AMD won't manage to capitalize on Intel's chipset issues, since it lacks a clear strategy to take advantage and it's affected by the ouster of CEO Dirk Meyer. In addition, we believe AMD also lacks the necessary products to fill certain market niches affected by the Sandy Bridge bug, mainly in the notebook segment.

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