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Tegra 2, Optimus 2X not a US product

by on21 December 2010

LG PR officially

We just got word from LG US who kind of shocked us by stating that Optimus 2X is not a US product.

LG USA claims that Optimus is a product scheduled for a global launch and not for the US market, at least not yet.

It looks like LG Optimus 2X will end up under a different brand in USA and it will likely be offered to one of the network providers in USA. LG's USA PR department clearly stated that „I was forwarded your request to XX regarding the Optimus 2x and unfortunately this is not a US product and my team cannot speak to global launches“

If you are from Asia or Europe, it looks like Optimus 2X might appear in these markets, just not the US. Again, we expect the same phone to show up with a different brand and as a juicy part of some US network provider offering.

We are waiting to clear this out once the global PRs get back to us to get you some update.


Last modified on 21 December 2010
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