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iPhone 4 the most fragile phone

by on10 November 2010

Most likely to be broken
A recent study of over 50,000 smartphones has concluded that Apple's iPhone is vulnerable to drop-related damage.

Third-party warranty provider SquareTrade looked at data from more than 50,000 smartphones covered by its warranty plans. The survey looked at the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, the Droid, Droid X, Cliq, the Nexus One, Evo, Droid Incredible, the BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Storm, Samsung, LG, Palm, Nokia and Sony-Ericsson.

Out of that lot they found that the iPhone 4 was the most reliable phone of the group with just 2.1 percent of owners projected to have a non-accident malfunction in the first 12 months. The iPhone 3GS and Motorola came in just behind the iPhone 4 tied at 2.3 percent. But it appeared to be more likely to break after a year more than 13.8 percent would be broken as a result of drop damage.

This either means that Apple fanboys are more accident-prone or the iPhone 4 is easier to break. The study seems to indicate that it is the phones, not the fanboys, because the iPhone 3G was less likely to be damaged and was still held by the same types of people.

"The data seems to suggest that the likelihood of drop damage is directly proportional to the amount of glass on the device," the report noted. As the main cause of accidents, drops make up 77 percent of accident claims, according to the report.

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