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Steve Jobs shoots down 7-inch tablets

by on19 October 2010

Dead on arrival
Although recent rumors had it that Apple will come out with a 7-inch iPad sometime in Q1 2011, it appears that no such thing will be happening. In yesterday’s investor call, Jobs shared his thoughts on 7-inch tablet devices with the rest of the world.

Jobs said how there is no need for such devices when we have smartphones and added how it’s “useless unless you include sandpaper so users can sand their fingers down to a quarter of their size." We advise Appletons not to attempt that though, at least not until Apple comes out with a 7-incher or something else more appropriate for fulfilling Jobs’ prophecies.

He also said how iPad sales have already surpassed those of Macintosh computers and that it’s only a matter of time when it starts affecting laptops. He didn’t say anything about it affecting our nerves.

You can find out more here.

Last modified on 19 October 2010
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