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Syndicate announcement expected soon

by on05 August 2010

EA likely to finally announce that it is returning
The often rumored sequel or remake of the Bullfrog-developed series Syndicate could finally be getting close to an announcement. While we have heard a variety of rumors over the years, it seems that none of them have ever panned out.

This time, however, EA seems to be filing for four Syndicate trademarks relating to video games, online games, board games, toys, playing cards, footwear, and pants, as well as a number of other things. It is likely that an announcement is coming soon.

What the whispers we hear suggest is that developer Starbreeze has been working on the new Syndicate re-make for EA after the Bourne project it was working on was deep-sixed. You likely remember the name of developer Starbreeze from the Riddick titles the company has churned out in the past.

While we are not sure how soon EA is likely to make the announcement, we suspect that it will be made before the end of the year. Syndicate and its cyberpunk environment has been a very likely candidate for a makeover for a long time. If the remake is done well, we do expect the title will sell well based on nostalgia alone for the current crop of consoles.
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