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BlackPad name might be off the table

by on21 September 2010


RIM could choose to go with SurfBook, instead
The name BlackPad never really seems to have attracted much in the way of attention and, in fact, some have said that the name simply was no good. Another possible name has come to the surface for the elusive tablet from the BlackBerry maker.

Apparently, RIM has applied for a trademark on the name SurfBook, which several sources are telling us is the name that they have settled on for the new tablet product family. The name change is also coming with word that it is perhaps very unlikely that we will see actual units delivered this year.

It seems now that it is expected that RIM will let the cat out of the bag on the SurfBook at the RIM developer conference next week, with actual units not arriving till early 2011. Speculation that RIM could opt for calling the unit the BlackBerry SurfBook might be a possibility; but our sources claim that despite what you read elsewhere, this is unlikely and the company will try to launch the new device without the benefit of the BlackBerry branding.

As to why RIM is moving toward a delay on the tablet product it is said to have more to do with the need for additional software development time, and the need for more compelling and additional applications to be ready for the device. Our sources claim that this latest revolution was just decided late last week.

We will have to see how this plays out, but a delay into the early part of next year could benefit Apple, as they will be able to capture more market share with the iPad, which is now expected to have strong sales this holiday season.

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