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New dual chip card comes from ATI

by on20 August 2010

Next generation 40nm
in 2010
We've just learned that ATI's next generation, let's call it Radeon 6000 series, is going to get a new high-end card. We are talking about a dual-chip card based on new 40nm chips that are expected to get slightly faster than the current generation. The best part is that it comes in 2010.

We see the new performance chips as a tweaked version of the highly succesful Cypress core, but this time they will introduce support for the new HDMI interface as well as new UVD – Eyefinity. Eyefinity will become more functional and cheaper to implement on multiple monitor setups.

Of course the core itself will be slightly improved, but we don’t expect a spectacular performance increase. It will be faster than the current generation, that much is clear, but we still don't know much about Nvidia's answer to this card.
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