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Linux users more likely to hate the iPad

by on02 August 2010

Only status minded people interested
A recent study has revealed that self-directed, science-minded nonconformists are more likely to hate Apple's iPad.

According to the findings of a recent study by MyType, a maker of psychological quizzes if you like Linux, generally you hate Apple. Apparently iPad users are status-minded, highly educated business professional who enjoy tracking the growth of stock portfolios between work projects.

Mytype called the iPad fans Selfish Elites while the Linux people were Independent Geeks. It appears that iPad owners tend to care more about commerce, cash, power, and achievement than their peers. MyType's Tim Koelkebeck said that they are “high-performance professionals and screen-bound workaholics."

People interested in business and finance are much more likely to be iPad owners than those interested in movies, music, books and literature, the arts, the Internet, video games, shopping, food and drink, nightlife or family." Apparently though the iPad users scored lower on the survey on measures of kindness and altruism. In short they are selfish smug gits who are less "attuned to the needs of their families and other private, offline pursuits." They are socially autistic and would sell their own grandmother into slavery if it would give them the latest Jobs' Mob gadget.
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