Linux malware rises
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18 January 2022

Linux malware rises

Up 35 per cent last year

The number of malware infections targeting Linux devices rose by 35 per cent in 2021, and it looks lie the writers want to recruit IoT devices for DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

2022 is not going to be the year of Linux on the desktop
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You probably were not expecting this

It has been the time of year again when Linux fanboys emerge from their dust-filled server rooms to declare that 2022 might be the year that their favourite operating system will replace Windows on the desktop.

Linux can play 75 percent of the top games
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2022 is the year of Linux on the desktop

After years of complaints that the reason people had to stick with Windows was there were no games for Linux, Steam has released figures which say that 75 percent of the top 1,000 games run on Linux now, and the figure is even higher, at 80 percent, for the top 100 games.

Schleswig-Holstein dumps Vole in favour of open source
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LibreOffice replaces Microsoft Office

The north-German state of Schleswig-Holstein plans to switch to open-source software,  reports Mike Saunders from LibreOffice.

System76's Pop!_OS Linux to create Rust based desktop
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They are leaving Gnome after being a gnome for so many years

System76's Pop!_OS Linux distribution already has their own "COSMIC" desktop that is based on GNOME but apparently it has had enough and wants to move to a Rust-based desktop.

Linux runs better than Windows 11
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2022 could be the year of Linux on the Desktop

With Windows 11 out as stable and the initial round of updates coming out, benchmarks are starting to compare the new OS with what is out there.

Microsoft teams up with Linux Foundation on energy
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A headline that 20 years ago was unthinkable

Software King of the World Microsoft has joined forces with LF Energy, a Linux Foundation nonprofit working to accelerate the energy transition of the world's grids and transportation systems through open source.

Linux is 30 years old
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Still not on the desktop but not even Steve Ballmer saw this day coming

On August 25, 1991, Linus Torvalds, then a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland, sent a message to the comp.os.minix newsgroup soliciting feature suggestions for a free Unix-like operating system he was developing as a hobby.

Former anti- open source Paragon wants to get stuff into the kernel
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Supported by that great peace-maker and diplomat Linus Torvalds

One does not normally expect to see IT’s Mr Sweary Linus Torvalds taking a diplomatic role, but he seems to be taking such a stance in the case of Paragon.

AMD and Valve work on Linux gaming machine improvements
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Enhance Steam Play

AMD and Valve are working on CPU frequency/power scaling improvements to enhance the Steam Play gaming experience on modern AMD platforms running Linux.